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Anticipating Problems in Bulk Metal Parts Manufacturing

Tangled parts
These parts became a tangled mess during the plating process.

A very high percentage of the parts for which we receive requests for quotation have never been made before. Whether it’s a flat spring, a battery contact, a wire form or a spring clip, our customers are usually fully immersed in designing a part that will fit their product and function as required. The manufacturability of their part often takes a back seat, but this is our primary concern when reviewing a new design.

The most commonly considered factors for manufacturability include the tightness of bend radii, grain direction of the material, material temper, sufficient clearance for over-bending, and the distortion resulting from the heat treat process.

One particularly insidious potential problem that often goes overlooked is part tangling and nesting. Read More →

Considerations for Prototyping Metal Parts

Complex parts benefit greatly from the prototype process
Complex parts like this one benefit greatly from the prototype process in determining final feature geometry.

Here at Fourslide, we have long offered prototyping services for our customers. A very high percentage of the jobs we quote are for flat springs, contacts, clips, and other metal parts that have never been previously made, to be used in brand-new devices and products. We pride ourselves on helping customers make informed decisions about part design that save them both time and money.

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Contact Us Early in Your Design Process

We’re frequently contacted by customers seeking assistance with a custom spring, clip or battery contact for their new products. Often, it’s the last item on their shopping list. The designs of other components – be it PCBs or plastic injection-molded parts – have already been chiseled in stone.

Waiting until the tail end of the design process can have some undesirable consequences. Read More →