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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find dimensional information and pricing for the parts shown on your site?

Short answer: you can't. Fourslide Spring & Stamping is a contract manufacturer, making stamped and formed parts to our customers' specifications. As such, we have no standard or catalog items. The photos on our website are to provide examples and to show our capabilities. We can provide samples, in some cases, to assist customers in the development of their own designs.

Can Fourslide design our parts for us?

We are not spring designers. We are experts in the manufacture of stamped and formed parts. We limit our advice to the manufacturability of the part, and take responsibility for manufacturing parts to our customers' specifications. The design of the part, and its performance, are the responsibility of the customer.

At what point in my project should I contact Fourslide?

Contact us as early as possible. In many instances, we are able to help our customers design a better, more economical part through review and discussion of preliminary design. There are many ways to skin a cat, but some are more affordable than others.

In some cases, our customer's initial design is not manufacturable at any price. In order to make the modifications necessary to achieve manufacturability, it is essential for us to be involved as early in the process as possible.

At Fourslide, we work with our customers through each phase of the project, from preliminary design, through justification, prototyping, and on to production. We pride ourselves on our consultative approach in providing our customers with the best products and services available.

Do I need to supply a CAD file to receive a quote?

No, it is not necessary to have a CAD file or solid model of your proposed part. Often we can furnish a proposal from a rudimentary dimensioned sketch.

How do I know if my part is a Fourslide part?

When in doubt, send us your sketch, or drawing, or CAD file. There is no charge for review of your part. We can tell you if your part is well suited to the Fourslide process. If not, we will explain why not, and can often direct you to a more economical manufacturing solution.

Does Fourslide provide certifications?

Yes, with each shipment we provide a material certification for the material used to produce your parts. When applicable, we provide certifications on heat treatment and plating, also.

Will Fourslide perform PPAP's?

Yes, Fourslide will perform PPAP's as required by our customers.

Do you make your own tooling?

Yes, all of our tooling is made here in our Connecticut facility. We believe it is essential to success to have the capability to design, build, maintain, repair and modify your tooling. Tooling is the keystone of the fourslide manufacturing process, and we pride ourselves on having the most talented tool designers and toolmakers in the industry.

To our customers, and to the success of their projects, it is far more efficient for us to provide the flexibility, agility and rapid response that our resident toolmaking capabilities allows. This is evident in each stage of the process, from design through prototyping and on to production.

Where will my parts be manufactured?

Fourslide manufactures customers' parts in their Bristol, CT facility, exclusively. We believe it is most efficient to have management, sales, tool design, toolmaking, production, warehousing and shipping all under a single roof.

Will I be charged for tool maintenance and repair?

No. All tool maintenance and repair, up to and including replacement, shall be performed by Fourslide at no charge to the customer. In the event of a design change to your part, we will quote the cost to modify the tooling.

Is Fourslide ROHS and REACH compliant?

Yes, Fourslide is ROHS, REACH and ITARS compliant. Certificates of compliance for our customers' parts are available to our customers upon request for ROHS, REACH and conflict minerals.

Can I get a non-disclosure agreement?

Yes, we have NDA's in place with many of our customers. Simply submit your NDA or confidentiality agreement. We will review it, execute it, and return a signed copy to you. Wit or without a NDA in place, Fourslide takes seriously our responsibility to protect our customers' intellectual property.

Is Fourslide ISO certified?

Yes, we have been certified since 1995. Click here for a copy of our certification (PDF).