Contact Us Early in Your Design Process

We’re frequently contacted by customers seeking assistance with a custom spring, clip or battery contact for their new products. Often, it’s the last item on their shopping list. The designs of other components – be it PCBs or plastic injection-molded parts – have already been chiseled in stone.

Waiting until the tail end of the design process can have some undesirable consequences. Flexibility is forfeited. Many an engineer has been unhappily surprised by manufacturability issues that he/she failed to consider and, because all the surrounding components are finalized, the alternatives are limited. This can result in a more costly part, poor performance, or both. In the most extreme cases, the component simply cannot be manufactured.

So please, come to us as early in your design process as possible. We are happy to review with you even the most preliminary of designs. It’s likely that we can help your part to be the very best it can be, and the least costly.