When to Consider Fourslide for Your Wire Form

Fourslide wire form manufacturing
Fourslide wire form manufacturing

Here at Fourslide, we manufacture most parts from flat strip material. The costs of production tooling are typically justifiable for parts with an annual usage of as few as 5,000 pieces. Despite the low volume, there is often no better or more economical way to manufacture the part.

This is not the case for wire forms. When we receive an inquiry for wire forms with lower volume requirements (fewer than 20,000), we refer that customer to a CNC wire former. Because there is usually no tooling charge for CNC wire forming, it is a more economical process for manufacturing low volumes.

When volumes increase, however, the greater production speeds of the fourslide process – which result in lower per-piece prices – overcome the initial tooling investment. This is further amplified for parts that have a long projected product life. As a Non-Recurring Expense, tooling becomes a non-issue in year two and beyond.

We at Fourslide make millions of wire forms annually, from round, rectangular and square wire. Here’s a sampling of the wire forms we’ve manufactured over the years. We’d be happy to review your requirements. If your part can best be made on a fourslide, we’ll provide a quote in a timely manner. If, however, we feel it’s in your best interests to pursue other avenues of manufacture, we’ll recommend you do just that. Contact us today to discuss your part.