Jim Richards Announces Retirement

Jim Richards has announced his retirement

All of us at Fourslide Spring and Stamping will miss Executive Vice President Jim Richards as he retires after 17 years at the company.

Jim has been an integral part of Fourslide since the day he arrived in Bristol, armed with a wealth of knowledge and years of experience in manufacturing, machine building, and machine tool sales. With a keen skill in negotiation, Jim was instrumental in forging great relationships with many businesses that remain loyal customers. Under his guidance, core business sales rose an average of 5% per year, with sales of new tools increasing from 15 per year to more than 50 in 2022.

When Fourslide lost its largest customer due to relocation in 2018, Jim took on a personal challenge of making up the $2.3 million in lost revenue. At the time of his retirement, he has been influential in recovering 50% of that with new business.

Customers know Jim for his bright sense of humor and knowledge and fascinating, obscure trivia. He is also known for sharing a recipe, giving updates on his tomato crop, and slipping in his personal catchphrase: “If I was any better, I would be you.”

Jim will remain in Bristol with his wife, Rhonda, close to his children and grandchildren. Jim intends to spend lots of time with his dogs and play lots of billiards.