What is the Expected Life of Fourslide Tooling?

Fourslide tooling is a truly Non-Recurring Expense.
Fourslide tooling is a truly Non-Recurring Expense.

We’re often asked this question after prospective customers receive a quotation. The answer is quite simple: your Fourslide tool’s life is the same as the life expectancy of the part it’s making.

Tooling built by Fourslide Spring & Stamping is truly a Non-Recurring Expense. All maintenance, repair, and even replacement of the tooling are free of charge. So long as the design of the part remains the same, the customer never pays another nickel in tooling charges.

If we make so many parts that your tooling wears out, we happily make new ones at our own expense. We do not profit from the tools we build, but rather from the parts we make utilizing those tools. If we produce enough pieces to warrant tooling replacement, that means we’ve made an awful lot of parts.

For one extreme example – we made more than 250 million parts for one customer over more than a decade. That customer paid nothing for tooling beyond their initial investment. Not one red cent!

Naturally, should your part undergo a design change requiring modification to the tooling, you are responsible for that expense. Fourslide tooling modifications are typically modest in cost.

Fourslide Spring & Stamping has been in business, building tools and making parts, for nearly 60 years, with no plans to quit anytime soon. As long as we are here and your part design remains fixed, you will incur no tooling costs beyond your initial investment. Contact us today to discuss your next project.